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UWS Secure Lock™ Truck Toolbox

The SL-69-LP-MB UWS Secure Lock™ is the ultimate in truck toolbox security and convenience. Three key features set it apart. First, the dual-locking twist handles allow you to lock the box from either side, whichever is convenient at the time. The internally linked handles also allow the box to be opened from either side.

Second, the Secure Lock™ toolbox has a BedRug™ liner, not only protecting your tools and equipment from scuffs, scratches, and vibration but also making the box extremely easy to clean.

Finally, this truck toolbox is built with the UWS signature RigidCore™ lid. This lid is filled with a hardening foam that enhances strength to resist warping and ensure smooth opening and closing every time.

  • Easy-to-operate, dual-locking twist handles offer strength and maximum security.

  • Connecting rod allows for convenient operation from driver or passenger side.

  • Interior rod enclosure helps prevent bending or jamming of lock system.