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UWS Rectangular Steel Transfer Tank (100 gal., Matte Black)

This UWS Rectangular Steel Transfer Tank is built and tested for transporting non-flammable liquids (such as diesel fuel, chemicals, solutions, or water) to vehicles/machinery at the construction site or on the field. It holds up to 100 gallons of liquid in the rectangular design and is constructed from 14-gauge steel, which is topped off with a matte black powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance (also available in powder-coat white). Each tank is also constructed with 1/8-inch thick tabs for secure mounting (mounting hardware not included). Welded lifting hooks on the back of the tank make relocation in and out of your truck bed easier than ever.

Each transfer tank is fitted with a commercial-grade, vented cap on top for easy filling and proper ventilation. The cap is key operated to deter tampering with interior contents. Additionally, each transfer tank is equipped with a drain plug that is placed nearly flush with the bottom of the tank for easy and complete draining as needed. UWS transfer tanks are also constructed with internal baffles (partial walls inside the tank that help prevent sloshing). This ensures even flow and promotes better control and safety for your truck when braking and going around corners. Each Transfer Tank is fully pressure tested to prevent leaks and ensure safety.