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UWS 63” Slim, Low-Profile Truck Toolbox

Limited room in the truck bed? No problem! This slim truck toolbox from UWS provides safe, secure storage of tools and equipment while maintaining a small footprint in the truck bed. Measuring only 12 3/4” deep and 10 3/8” high, it also has a low-lid profile to promote a clear view out the rear cab window. Best of all, this box features the signature UWS RigidCore™ lid for warp-resistant performance.

  • Designed for truck beds with extremely limited space in front of the wheel wells.

  • Patented RigidCore™ foam-filled lid maximizes strength and prevents binding.

  • Built lower on the bed rail for a better view out the rear window

  • Extra-thick, 0.058”, one-piece aluminum tub holds heavy tools and cargo.

  • Stainless steel lock handles for security and corrosion-resistant operation

  • Connecting rod allows for convenient operation from driver or passenger side.