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Tuffy Tailgate Lock Box

Protect yourself against vehicle theft with Tuffy Security Products JL Tailgate Lock Box. This heavy duty, high security lock box mounts on the inside of your Jeep JL tailgate providing ample secure storage for your gear.

Featuring Tuffy’s Pry-Guard Locking System, the entire Tuffy JL Tailgate Lock Box is constructed with welded 16-gauge steel, heavy duty fasteners and is covered with a durable textured powder coat finish. The JL Tailgate Lock Box installs to the JL Tailgate Rail mounts using standard hand tools with or without an OEM hardtop.

Stop by today to learn more about the Tuffy JL Tailgate Lock Box and the full line of Tuffy Security Products and the ultimate in superior protection against vehicle theft and the peace of mind that Tuffy Security Products provide.