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Putco Hex Shield™ Series Mud Skins™

PUTCO’s new Hex Shield™ Series Mud Skins™ are custom fit and feature an all-new Hex Shield™ design that delivers superior protection from road debris, while adding a rugged design to your vehicle. Mud Skins™ feature a patented design that uses gravity and wind flow to unite fine droplets of water, forcing the water to drip from the bottom rather than aerosolizing, which creates a mist that makes lane changing and car passing difficult and dangerous. Mud Skins™ will not interfere with your preference for big tires and dirt roads, as they are designed to accommodate larger tires and withstand rugged terrain. They also come in your choice of a polished stainless steel, carbon black high-density polyethylene, or brushed stainless steel finish.

Mud Skins™ feature Gorillatuff® Splash Guards made of a nearly indestructible rubberized poly blend that is created from 95% recycled materials, all sourced from the USA. This extruded splash guard has undergone rigorous testing for UV damage and is backed by Putco’s extensive warranty program. Mud Skins™ also feature an Anti-Sail that provides extra weight to keep the Gorillatuff® Splash Guards in place while traveling down the road. Extra wind pressure can cause lift that creates a larger gap between the road surface and the bottom edge of the rubber flaps. By reducing the gap, the Hitch-Flap™ does a better job of protecting.

Mud Skins™ utilize an 18-gauge stainless steel mounting bracket to position the Gorillatuff® Splash Guards further back and provide more room for larger tires, while still offering protection and clearance to your truck. The mounting bracket features Putco’s new Hex Shield™ pattern that not only serves as a stylish accent to your vehicle’s look but also provides a strong mounting surface where the pattern becomes a versatile connection area for attaching to your vehicle. This makes installation quick because it easily attaches no matter the location of your vehicle