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CURT Universal Tri-Ball Trailer Coupler Lock

The universal 23082 CURT tri-ball trailer coupler lock gives users a single lock for all of their trailers. The unique tri-ball unit fits 1 7/8”, 2”, and 2 5/16” couplers. Additionally, the tri-ball has built-in safety points, so a thief determined to break off the lock off will only sever the safety points, leaving the inserted ball in place and continuing to prevent unauthorized trailer hookup.

  • Highly theft- and tamper-resistant design with built-in safety measures

  • Unique tri-ball lock inserts into coupler and secures latch with lasso lock.

  • Coupler lock can also be used while towing to secure the trailer.

  • Simple lasso design keeps all components together, avoiding lost pieces.

  • Glass-filled orange polymer for high strength and increased visibility

  • Universal design fits all standard co