CURT TruTrack Weight-Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

With the TruTrack weight-distribution hitch from CURT, no extra sway-control technology is needed. This advanced weight-distribution system has sway control built right into the hitch to deliver the smoothest, safest ride possible. And when you consider the ease of setup, you’ve got towing gold.

Another feature that sets apart the CURT TruTrack is its use of heavy-duty, adjustable support brackets to attach to the trailer frame instead of spring bar chains. This design resists side-to-side movement to provide more optimal alignment. The unique spring and cam system builds up pressure to stop sway, then relaxes to allow drivers to make smooth turns.

As mentioned earlier, CURT designed the TruTrack to be a breeze to install. Instead of fumbling with frustrating washers, users will love the system of interlocking nuts and preset holes that allow specific tilt angles for simpler adjustment. Even better, you don’t have to disassemble the hitch head to make those adjustments like you do with less advanced products.

The 17500 kit includes the shank, trailer ball, spring bars, head, support brackets, pin, and clip.


  • Integrated sway control for a smooth, safe ride when towing

  • Rated at 8,000 lb to 10,000 lb GTW (1,000 lb on tongue)

  • 35 9/16” trunnion-style, forged-steel spring bars

  • Spring bars can be adjusted 30 or 70 degrees (+/- 5)

  • Pretorqued 2 5/16” trailer ball

  • Brackets use friction to resist lateral movement

  • 2” shank can be flipped to provide drop or rise

  • Hex castle nut for easy adjustments between trailers

  • Tilt adjustment simplifies setup and installation

  • Fits virtually all A-frame trailers

  • Durable carbide black powdercoat

  • Warranty: limited lifetime (1-year finish and parts)

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