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CURT SecureLatch™ Receiver-Mount Ball and Pintle Hitch for 2” Shank/Ball

Strike. Drop. Auto-lock. With the SecureLatch™ from CURT, coupling is an easy three-step process.

Integrated into the SecureLatch™ pintle ball and hook combination is an automatic locking mechanism that secures the primary latch without any manual coupling required. Simply back your vehicle up to the lunette ring or coupler (the built-in striker plate helps stop and center the lunette ring), drop the ring down onto the ball and hook, and let the auto-locking latch do the rest! All you have to do after that is install the secondary safety pin.

By giving the SecureLatch™ a cupped design, CURT made it unique from other pintle hooks: instead of letting the ring slop with every acceleration, brake, and bump, the cupped hook holds the ri