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CURT QuickPin™ No-Latch Trailer Coupler

We all know the hassle of a traditional trailer coupler. Corrosion and complicated hinging components only add stress and frustration to the coupling process.

What if a coupler didn’t need a latch at all?

Introducing the QuickPin™ no-latch trailer coupler from CURT. QuickPin™ (PN 25470) is a revolution in coupler technology, completely doing away with the traditional latch design. Instead, to secure the trailer to the hitch ball, this innovative coupler uses a single pin.

Just drop the trailer tongue onto the tow ball, slide the QuickPin™ hitch pin into place, and secure it with the included safety clip. That’s it!

Note: Coupler must be used only with included pin.

  • Innovative design allows fast, hassle-free trailer coupling with just one pin.