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CURT: Custom Tow-Bar Base Plate for `16-`19 Ford Explorer

This CURT Tow-Bar Base Plate for the Ford Explorer offers a custom, vehicle-specific fit. The main body is hidden to help maintain an OEM look and feel on the vehicle. It integrates with the vehicle frame, securely bolting into place and providing a solid attachment point for dinghy towing. It is physically tested to a gross vehicle weight rating to ensure safety.  

Each CURT base plate is constructed from welded steel and is protected by a durable, high-gloss black powder-coated finish. It is also co-cured in a rust-resistant liquid Bonderite coating, both inside and out for unparalleled protection. For extra reliability and security, it spreads towing forces equally for reduced stress on the vehicle frame and it is assembled in the USA.  


  • Application specific for `16-`20 Ford Explorer 

  • Provides a solid connection for flat towing vehicle with tow bars