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Putco: ProLux-Zero Projector Beam Headlamp Kit

With their revolutionary and patented flexible heat sink, ProLux-Zero bulbs from Putco enjoy a reduced footprint that allows them to be installed in locations that don’t easily accommodate standard projector beams. Equal in size to a halogen replacement bulb, ProLux-Zero bulbs also feature a solid base, 6,000K color, and a 180-degree beam angle; plus, the kit includes an anti-flicker harness.

Available in universal (and Ram) kits in the following bulb types: 9005, 9006, 9012, H7, H8/9/11/16 (type 2), H10, H16, D1/D3, and D2/D4.


  • Patented flexible heat sink is the #1 scientifically proven, best-performing heat solution on the market.

  • Fits into tight spaces.

  • 180° beam angle and 6,000 Kelvin color.

  • 30 watts; 6,000 lumens per kit.

  • Includes anti-flicker harness.

  • Assembled in the USA.