Safety & Emergency Lights

Utility & Construction

Texas Fleet Outfitters offers a wide range of affordable lighting option to keep your crews safe while performing daily job duties. We have the ability to provide everything from permanent hide-a-way lights & Full size light bars to temporary no drill applications. We achieve these solutions by using the best brands on the market like Whelen, Ecco, SoundOff Signal & Acari products. 

Police & Emergency

Texas Fleet Outfitters prides itself on helping to keep those that serve our community safe, that's why we only offer the best equipment. We offer a complete up-fitting from bumper to bumper. This includes Lights, sirens, push guards,cages, radios, arbitrators, and K-9 Heat alarms, with or without, door poppers. Some of the brands we sell are Setina, ProGard, Plastix Plus, OPS Public Safety, Whelen, SoundOff Signal, Jotto, Havis, GoRhino and much more.